Win Ferrari from InstaForex

InstaForex continues to extend the range of its luxury gifts. The winner of the supercar campaign will get Ferrari F8 Tributo - a two-seater sports car with the most powerful Italian-made engine which has been winning the title of “Best Engine” in the International Engine of the Year awards three years in a row.
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Account type:
live trading accounts
Campaign period:
09/12/19 - 09/12/22
Main prize:
Ferrari F8 Tributo
Participation conditions:
$1000 deposit

F8 Tributo combines innovations and expertise gained thanks to the participation in GT and Challenge championships. This is a production model of Ferrari, which has acquired the basic features of professional racing cars.

The conditions of participation are easy and straightforward! You need to top up your account with 1,000 USD/EUR or 500 USD/EUR if you are a member of InstaForex Club. The more accounts you register with the redeposits the higher chances to win you have. Even by the end of the contest, the odds of winning are very high and stay in the range from 1:500 to 1:1,000.

Stop dreaming. It is time to act.


9 6 4 6 2
  seconds left until the next number...
The winner will be determined by the 5 figures above based on the 5 currency rates (see the principle of Ferrari-number formation).

Ferrari–number will be fixed on December 9, 2022 at 23:59*. Probably it is you who will be the winner!

*Le concour se tient à l’heure de la plateforme

Comment se compose le nombre?

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